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Letter from Churchwardens




APRIL 2016



I would like to give you some feedback from your Churchwardens.


Consecration of Luke Pato as Bishop of Namibia

Our former Rector, Luke Pato, has been chosen as the next Bishop of Namibia. He will be consecrated as Bishop on Saturday , 7 May 2016. It was proposed that St Martins should send  a representative to the consecration service in Walvis Bay. This was discussed at Council but we found ourselves in a somewhat invidious position of deciding who we should send. We decided to pray about it. We then learnt that Bishop Steve and his wife, Liziwe, wanted to go but that the Diocese could not afford to send them. We concluded that St Martins should fund their trip so that they could represent St Martins and the Diocese. The Bishop has expressed his sincere appreciation to St Martins and Luke and Essie have been advised that Bishop Steve and Liziwe will represent St Martins and the Diocese.


Finding a New Rector for St Martins

Bishop Steve was unable to find a suitable candidate for St Martins within the Diocese who reasonably matched our profile and was available at this time. He invited us to look outside our Diocese and to submit the names of any prospective

candidates to him through our Archdeacon, Michelle Pilet..With the help of a number of people, who we thank for their guidance and advice, we have identified some potential candidates whose names haver been forwarded to the Bishop. We understand that, in at least one case, Bishop Steve has received very favourable feedback about the candidate and plans to meet with his Bishop. Please keep on prayingthat the Holy Spirit will continue to guide this process and that St Martins will be blessed with a Rector who will lead us to achieve our vision for St Martins.



We have had a worrying start to 2016 in terms of St Martin’s income. You will recall from Vestry that we budgeted for a modest growth in the income which parishioners give to our Lord through St Martins. At the end of February, however, we were running at about 78% of budget for Parishioner Contributions (in other words we were about R 117 000 behind budget). This “hole” was partly filled by the receipt of two bequests but we should not be using bequests to fund the existence and activities of our Church. In March, the situation has looked better, but much of the improvement has apparently come from some Parishioners who tithe on an annual basis. We want to sincerely thank all those Parishioners who have continued to contribute faithfully and sacrificially – we are grateful that we can rely on your dedication and generosity.


We pray that we as a community may all want to follow what Scripture tells us about how we should respond to our Lord’s unconditional and abundant love for us.


Because our cash balances have been below our minimum levels, we have had to postpone s0me important projects including the final stage of the current plan for upgrading our sound systems and laying a new pathway through the memorial garden to the Chapel. Please remember that our monthly financial statements are posted on the noticeboard at the back of the church – typically within a week after the end of the month.



We want to really thank our clergy who have done and aredoing so much for St Martins, including carrying the workload of our former Rector and  also for supporting the Parish of St Francis in Parkview whose Rector has also retired. We were particularly aware of how we are blessed with our clergy during our services over Easter. We also want to thank our Archdeacon, Michelle Pilet, for the care, the guidance, the support and the time she has given us since Luke retired.



Finally, to the people of God at St Martins, thank you all very much for the valuable roles you play in St Martins and its ministries. You are the backbone of St Martins.


Craig, Tony and James

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