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What we believe

St Martin’s exists to build God’s Kingdom by living and spreading the Gospel

Our church exists to enable the family of God to experience and respond to the love of Jesus. Because of this love, we seek to become closer followers of our Lord and through our spiritual growth we will, by his grace, become vital and vibrant members of the body of Christ.

Over the many years that St Martin's has been in Dunkeld we have seen massive changes in the area.  From the days when we really were “in the veld” to today where we are situated in the burgeoning metropolis of Rosebank.  As the nature of our city changes, so our church has altered to meet those needs.  The old theatre clubs and musical evenings have given way to Alpha and music group practices, and part of our worship has become more informal as befits our new millennium world.  In addition, we are convicted of the need to reach out and positively impact the lives of the wealthy and poverty-stricken urban population surrounding us.