Westbury Home

The Westbury Children’s Safe Home is a privately-run home for orphaned and vulnerable children in the Johannesburg suburb of Westbury. 

6 youngorphaned and vulnerable children live at this home and, when we first got involved, lived in abysmal conditions. 

Over the past year we have been working to improve the structure and running of the home – putting in proper plumbing and electrics, developing the garden, improving the security etc. 

We would love your help in donating goods – appliances, furniture, soft furnishings, linen – or by donating your time to a work party. 


Monetary donations are also very much appreciated. 

Bank details: St Martins in the Veld. First National Bank, Rosebank.

Branch code: 253305. Acc:50374746244Reference: ‘Westbury’


Please contact Cyril May here to find out how you can help.