Growth Groups

One of the best ways for Christians to study the word of God outside of the formality of church services; to get to know fellow Christians; to share experiences; and to care for each other is by means of growth groups. Each of St Martin’s growth groups meet once a week, generally for about an hour, to an hour and a half, and study theologically sound material made available by St Martins. This may include formal written material, DVDs, and even podcasts. We have in excess of 10 growth groups that operate in different venues and at different times of the week.

It can sometimes feel intimidating joining a group of people, but we love having new people and newcomers are made to feel welcome.

Should you be interested in joining a growth group, please, contact our Home Groups Co-ordinator, Rob Southey at Alternatively, you can call the Church office for more information. We’d love to have you join us!