Church with Children

Jesus with children

Help, I’ve got Kids!  Don’t fret about your children becoming busy in the service.  That’s just the way kids are.  In fact, Jesus was very clear in inviting children into His presence. However, please be respectful to those around you.

You might want to take advantage of the Parents Room at the back of the church.  This is a glassed off section of the church where you can still hear and see everything, but with a little bit of sound proofing, a comfortable carpet, and a few toys for the little ones to play with. 

Alternatively, come and sit near the front so your little ones can see and hear what's going on.

Join in the worship, prayer and response. Children learn behaviour by copying you. If you sing, they will sing. If you pray, they will pray.  

Remember that the way we welcome children in church directly affects the way they respond to the Church, to God and to one another. Let them know that they are at home in this place of worship.