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St Martin ’s-in-the-Veld has been in existence since 1912.  It was first housed in the Rosebank Primary School (the original one on the corner of Baker Street and Cradock Avenue diagonally opposite the Mall) and later a small church was built.  It literally was in the veld, and one of our older parishioners remembers her father pushing a pram and the whole family hiking over the rough terrain from the west side of Parktown North to go to church. Over the years it has grown and photographs of this progress are in the office.

The rectory used to be where you now park your cars, and parishioners were invited for coffee and buns after Evensong every week.  As the suburb grew, so did the church and St Martin ’s was and is a source of much enrichment, both financial and personal, for the diocese of Johannesburg .

As the nature of our city changes, so the church has altered to meet those needs.  The old theatre clubs and musical evenings have given way to Alpha and music group practices, and part of our worship has become more informal as befits our new millennium world.

Our biggest challenge is the creeping urbanization, which has changed the face of Rosebank forever.  With God’s help we shall meet that challenge, and live to see how we will work out His purpose in this place.



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